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"Mathieu Geffré is an artist with pedigree bringing, depth, experience and impactful movement quality."
Graham Watts

Rendez-Vous Dance is the contemporary dance company led by award-winning  choreographer Mathieu Geffré   


At Rendez-Vous dance, we create projects to shine a light on past and current stories of LGBTQIA+ communities. 


Mathieu Geffré’s choreography calls upon intimate emotions to manifest with great physicality, intricacy and virtuosity. Starting from personal curiosities, the work meets the audience through its  universal and accessible resonance. 

We create inclusive projects for everyone to feel involved and welcome. Rendez-Vous is a vessel for the expression of a choreographic voice articulating values of inclusivity, diversity and harmony.  

Our practice of dance has no age, no gender, no ethnicity or cultural boundaries: it is easy to access.

 By inviting the audience to become participant, opening the creative process to communities we promote physical and mental wellbeing through the practice of dance.  

The company's activity also includes delivery of training and mentorship sessions for different organisations and artists, creation of new contemporary dance work and touring of existing repertoire.

Throughout this website you will be able to discover more about our achievements and projects to come. we hope you'll enjoy your journey with us.


Mathieu Geffré is an artist with

pedigree, bringing depth,

experience and impactful movement

quality to ACT; a choreographic

examination of the art of creation.” 


—  Graham Watts, Dance Writer Critic

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