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At Rendez-Vous Dance, we are developing an exciting strategy to work with communities. Our work unfolds through time as we want to build precious relationships with our members. Our work with communities is not shaped around one model, we tailor our approach to the needs of the community we are trying to reach. We are particularly interested in working with LGBTQIA+ communities.


A dance workshop is an opportunity for us to meet people and promote the benefits of the practice of dance for their wellbeing. Our workshops are built around the important values of care and respect. We support people to trust and care for each other in the way they share the space. We deliver improvisational practice enhancing a sense of self-awareness, connecting the physical and the emotional. Our workshops are usually followed by a social gathering to open conversation and make new friends.


Our engagement activity can also lead to performative projects.

If you work or belong to an existing community and are interested in developing an engagement project with us, contact us at:

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