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Our dance work is focused around the idea of shining a light on LGBTQIA+ stories. On this page you will find an introduction of our productions which are available for booking. We believe those stories need to be shared with a wide audience as they educate, entertain and champion universal social values of equity and harmony. For all touring enquiry contact Sarah Trist Dance Management Agency:

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The Monocle is an exuberant dance theatre production inspired by the notorious Parisian lesbian nightclub of the 1930s.  

Six women find love and dance the night away, accompanied by the full-bodied live singing of a cabaret singer. 

The set, costumes and music combine to convey the feel of the age, re-shaping the traditional theatre space into a club where audiences can enjoy a highly virtuosic evening.  

The Monocle is touring in Autumn 2023.

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Created in 2021, What songs may do… is the highly anticipated first full-evening production by award-winning choreographer, former National Dance Company Wales dancer and Rendez-Vous dance  artistic director: Mathieu Geffré.


Revealed by Nina Simone’s songs, this duet exposes with an unapologetic passion the fractured relationship of a once romantic couple as they delve into their past in an attempt to rebuild their future together. Through Simone’s music, this dance piece shines a light on our deep rooted connection to memories through music and proposes the power of what songs may do. Poetic, passionate, physical and emotional, What songs may do… is an inclusive dance piece that celebrates love in all its diversity.

What songs may do... is touring in Autumn 2022

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Past Projects...

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