New production 2021

Performers: Tommaso Petrolo and Paolo Pisarra

Original Cast : Angela Boix Duran and Joseba Yerro Izaguirre

Light Designer : Joe Price

Producer: MovingArt Management

Commissioned by Dance City

What songs may do... is supported by Arts Council England, Greenwich Dance, The Place, Dance East and Studio Wayne McGregor.

What songs may do… is the highly anticipated first full-evening production by award-winning choreographer and former National Dance Company Wales dancer: Mathieu Geffré.  This duet tells the story of a couple of gay men attending the concert Nina Simone gave at the Montreux Jazz Festival in 1976.  This dance piece is an invitation to experience Simone’s concert through the dancers emotional and physical journey amongst a cast of 15 intrgenerational community members. Poetic, passionate, physical and emotional, What songs may do… is an inclusive dance piece that celebrates love in all its diversity.

What songs may do was first developed at National Dance Company Wales as part of its annual choreographic showcase, Alternative Routes, in June 2015, in collaboration with the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama.

What songs may do has been Finalist at the 30th Competition for Choreographers in Hanover and received the 3rd Prize Choreography at the 9th Copenhagen International Choreography Competition.

"Mathieu Geffré magically transforms his duet What Songs May Do into a romantic movie, inspired by Nina Simone’s Feelings. (...)The highly choreographed lyrical piece, is a narrative of a love story without falling into the trap of melodrama.Asteropi Tia Chatzinikola - Resolution Reviewer

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