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Mathieu Geffré teaches contemporary dance classes and have been developping the content of it in response to his physical needs across his career as a dancer.The large amount of makers with who Mathieu got the chance to collaborate required  the definition of  training that could serve the versatility of his professional practice. This practice would enable him to approach any new choreographic style with an open mind and an available body. Originally inspired by the training provided by Elisabeth Gibiat, former rehearsal director of Dansgroep Amsterdam, currently assistant of Itzik Galili, Mathieu has been developing his class through a regular practice in collaboration with the dancers of National Dance Company Wales.


Mathieu now provides professional training for many educational and professional organisations in the United Kingdom and in Europe (Rambert School, Dance City, Northern School of Contemporary Dance, National Dance Company Wales, Skanes Danstheater, Verve, BalletBoyz...)

The class  lightly borrows from the fundamental patterns of  Cunningham technique, supported by a sensorial approach inspired by Fasciatherapy. We try to establish our sense of verticality without compromising the notion of movement.

Supported by an important use of musicality, the class focuses on activating the stabilizers and a strong centre in order to find efficiency within movement. We intend to build a body that is centered but alert and in motion. Starting from some simple standing exercises, the class slowly challenges the body’s reactivity. Technical though accessible to all,  the training is above all about connecting with the pleasure of motion.

We do organise bi-annual Intensive Workshops which are the perfect opportunity for all dancers to inform and enrich their practice in response to Mathieu Geffré's technical approach and choreographic research.

We are very interested in expanding our outreach activity with all type of audience. If you wish to talk about what we do, do not hesitate to contact us HERE

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