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Lancaster Arts
Tuesday 27th June 2023

Tonight :
7.30pm What songs may do... (60' no interval)


The performance audio description track should be played from the moment the dancers appear on stage

"Tonight, I am very proud to share with you what may be the most intimate of my works: What songs may do... It took me a very long time to arrive to this point. It all started in 2015, I was then a performer with National Dance Company of Wales. One night, as I was wandering on the Internet I heard Nina Simone's live version of "Feelings" for the first time. I was struck by the emotional intensity of her performance. At first I think I was a little bit cautious and overwhelmed with the idea of using such a soundtrack for a dance piece but as a young maker (I was maybe a little bit reckless and naive), I wanted to test and challenge myself in addressing what could be my version of the traditional choreographic form of the love duet. Here we are! The very first version of What songs may do...(12 minute long) was born, we were fortunate to present it across Europe as part of diverse choreographic platforms including the Copenhagen Choreography International Competition where we received the 3rd Prize Choreography. From this point, the necessity to expand the work became unavoidable. The theme of love and its navigations was too fertile as a  territory of exploration to escape. As an openly gay man I also measured the importance of presenting gay love as a theatrical possibility taking into consideration my duty for creating visibility. Beyond its exploration of what love is, What songs may do... champions equity and celebrates diverse representations of love. Originally created in Winter 2021, we were unfortunately unable to present What songs may do... to our audiences. I am now very humbled to share with you this small work in its scale but massive in its story and meaning. Without What songs may do... there would probably not be Rendez-Vous dance. Thank you to all of the collaborators and organisations who supported me in creating this work. I wish for all audience members to feel inspired by this piece."

Mathieu Geffré

The Team
They saw it! They liked it!

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What songs may do 72.jpg

Miles Hedley
The Greenwich Visitor

"Oliver Chapman and Paolo Pisarra were irresistible as a couple trying to rediscover lost love, moving sinuously, sensuously and sporadically savagely in electrifying patterns choreographed by Mathieu Geffré."

What Songs May Do... Snaps _ PDSW 5 November 2022 (Credit- Cave & Sky) (13 of 18).jpg

Butch Quick
Audience member PDSW - Bournemouth


"Interesting, inventive and thought-provoking performance on Saturday.

What songs may do 15.jpg

Adam Manning
Mayor of Eastleigh


A wonderful evening at @PointEastleigh to watch What songs may do..., exciting contemporary dance at its best. Superb technical performances combines with a story shimmering with beauty and passion. Highly recommended! " 

What songs may do 51.jpg

Dora Frankel  
British Theatre Guide Review

"This is dance at its best, musical, intelligent, well-crafted and moving, drawing in the audience"

What songs may do 65.jpg

Asteropi Tia Chatzinikola
Dance Reviewer 

"The highly choreographed lyrical piece, is a narrative of a love story without falling into the trap of melodrama"

What Songs May Do... Snaps _ PDSW 5 November 2022 (Credit- Cave & Sky) (6 of 18).jpg

Balbir Singh Dance Co
Audience member KalaSangam - Bradford


"Well done to @rdzvousdance @mathieugeffre tonight @Kala_Sangam. A sensitive blend of movement, silence and Nina Simone. Catch them if you can"

What Songs May Do... Snaps _ PDSW 5 November 2022 (Credit- Cave & Sky) (14 of 18).jpg

Simon McEnery
Audience Member at The Point Eastleigh and PDSW - Bournemouth


Second time seeing Mathieu Geffré's What songs may do... this evening. It loses no power in repetition. Incredibly moving.

What songs may do 72.jpg

Paul Simpson
Oxford Audience Member


"So pleased I got to see #WhatSongsMayDo by


at the BT Studio


tonight! Stunning storytelling and performances by the dancers, and beautiful choreography by the brilliant


Come back soon!!"


Audience Member Preview in Royan (France)


"Thank you Rendez-Vous for this moment out of time! The dancers were extraordinary and the piece was so thrilling!"

What Songs May Do... Snaps _ PDSW 5 November 2022 (Credit- Cave & Sky) (15 of 18).jpg

Richard Dunbar
Audience member Kala Sangam - Bradford


"Last night I was lucky enough to see the exceptional "What songs may do..." choreographed from the brilliant @mathieugeffre of @rdzvousdance. (...) A lot of quality comes out of @kalasangam_arts_centre and this piece is up there with the best I've seen"


The Crack Magazine review

"If you've ever loved or been loved, then this show is not to be missed"

What songs may do 38.jpg

Ste Dunn 
Northern Pride Director


"Another amazing dance piece from the team @Rdzvousdance, premiering at @GoCivTheatre. Stunning duet performance to the songs of Nina Simone(...)"


Audience Member Preview in Royan (France)


"Wonderful performance! I was trembling in the auditorium in the hope that the dancers would reconcile forever! Wow! It was sublime!"

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