Tell me if I am wrong

Dancer : Arnaud Macquet

Light Design : Joe Fletcher

Costume Design : Natasja Lansen

Tell me if I am wrong is my first ever solo work and has been selected as part of the 17th Internationales Solo Tanz Teater Feastival in Stuttgart.

How do we let our appearance be part of our own development? What is a "virgin“ body if it has ever existed? Tell me if I am wrong is a research about the contradiction in between the development of the self in response to the idea of a trend. We keep on being influenced by the way we should look to the point that we forget about our beliefs and our nature.  Tell me if I am wrong is an initiatory solo where the dancer goes through a discovery journey of himself. We tried to  create an exploration of the dancer‘s body by the dancer himself to strengthen his own perception before being able to exhibit it. The ritual becoming slowly an obsession and a need. 

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