Songs of Deeds

Original Cast : Camille Giraudeau, Elena Thomas, Angela Boix Duran, Natalie Divall, Eileih Muir, Chris Scott, Joe Perou, Joseba Yerro Izaguirre, Matteo Marfoglia, Declan Whitaker

Costume Design : Nia Thomson

Sound Design : Sarah Everson

Choreographer's Assistant : Emma Lewis

Songs of Deeds is a work that I have been asked to develop by National dance Company Wales in response to the installation work by Renata Lucas, Failure as part of Artes Mundi 6 in Cardiff. Artes Mundi is a biennial exhibition showing some of the world’s leading and most stimulating contemporary art. 

Renata Lucas manipulates urban spaces and architecture to intensify the tension between inside and outside, public and private, past and present. Lucas’ practice is a critical interpretation of how our built environment determines actions, behaviour and social relationships and, by extension, society’s dependency on the preservation of prescribed definitions of space, property and order. In her work Lucas imagines a space where these barriers break down, where the possibility of deconstructing these boundaries, through even as simple a symbolic gesture as tearing down a wall, might result in a different social dynamic.

Songs of deeds is a series of four unique duets, where each relationship is explored in a very exclusive way. The dancing and the relationships are defined by the particular articulation of the space  that keeps on being changed and designed by the dancers themselves. The soundscape gathers a series of compositions historically written as love declarations from the composers to their lovers. Songs of Deeds is a celebration of Love and its manifestation through the scope of 4 different relationships in response to their environment.

“I see architecture it’s like a language; you can read about the history, who was in power, what were the agreements that influenced this society
or place. It’s a dialogue between you and the work, you and the culture, you and the history.“ Renata Lucas