Original Cast : Camille Giraudeau, Neus Gil Cortes, Lee Johnston, Ishita Raina, Natalie Divall, Chris Scott, Joe Perou

Set and Light Design : Cassidy Calkins

Costume Design : Ariella Karatolou

CHORALE has been developed as part of Alternative Routes 2013 thanks to the support of National Dance Company Wales and Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama.

With Chorale, I decided to start a research of what was the real meaning of a collective action. How can men and women could allow themselves to make sacrifices on their own ego for the sake of one same goal reachable only through the idea of harmony ? My sources of inspiration for this idea were, a choir, an orchestra, an army or a synchronized swimming team… Anything that could could be related to the idea on a human and emotional level. 

I am quite fascinated by several natural elements or events that can exist only if the natural process of gathering a certain amount of pieces happens. For exemple, a star constellation can be recognized only if the viewer can identify some specific stars in a specific space, a foetus can develop only after a very precise multiplication of particular cells, the bees can make honey only if each honeycomb is shaped in a way that it can be attached to six other honeycombs… and all those events are universally described as beautiful.